Chorlton Players Not So Much A Drama Group.... More A Way Of Life

Since hotpot won’t be happening this year, and the June and August productions cancelled, we’re looking at October at the earliest before we can do ANYTHING in St Werburgh’s, and even that is being taken on advisement.

Therefore, following our highly successful online version of “Together in Electric Dreams”, and after watching Saturday Night Live’s “At Home” episode, we are putting an “Online Showcase” of some kind together, but not JUST full of sketches. Possibly running for an hour, or more if we have the content.  Monologues, solo musical pieces, cover versions of songs, or existing monologues or sketches. 

This will be then be edited together, and then put on YouTube for public viewing, just like our Together in Electric Dreams video, with a target of mid-August . A live screening first, then available on-demand.

A  steering group has been formed to ensure a coherent direction and some quality control. This comprises Brian Candeland, Louise Derby, Gez Devney, Steven Lewyckyj, Rohan Shenoy, Bex Smith, Jess Taylor, and Annie Wallace.


Top Tips for Filming on a Smartphone….

Green (or blue) screen tips…

If using blue screen, try to ensure that it is straight and smooth and well-illuminated (as well as yourself of course). Outdoor light is always better as it is usually more even (unless it is bright sunlight!).

As we are making this showcase in HD, the ideal video format will be 1920 x 1080 at 25fps.  If you are using an older device, I can also use 1280 x 720 at 25fps. Please try not to send at any lower resolution or fps. If you are unsure, send a test clip to Annie using wetransfer.com as listed below.

If you have a GoPro-type camera, please try to record the sound separately, as they have a very tiny microphone and the quality is pretty naff.

If you are singing to a backing track, please use a pair of earbuds or similar (with the cable hidden) to listen to the music as you record, so that I only hear your voice and not the track (which should be sent separately).

Sound always sounds better if filmed outdoors (unless it’s windy!) as even a well-furnished room has a level of echo around it (unless that’s the effect you want to achieve of course). Try not to film too far away from the device either, unless you are not speaking.

If you are recording the sound separately, I can use any audio format.

Please ensure that you film the clips in LANDSCAPE mode if using a tablet or phone.

Finally, send your filmed/recorded material using wetransfer.com, to “showcase@chorltonplayers.com”

The closing date for all recorded material is the 2nd of August at 6pm. No submissions will be accepted after this date.

The final screening will take place on our YouTube Live channel on Sunday 16th August at 8pm. (If we have more than one episode, they will be scheduled after that date, but before the August Bank Holiday Weekend.)



When sending files through, please use the following naming convention:

XX.YY – (Your description here)

Where XX is the ID number of your sketch, and YY is the order the file appears in.

Each sketch’s ID number can be found on the online spreadsheet  (in the MASTER tab), so files for sketch number 28 on the master spreadsheet would need to be named as:

28.1 – Presenter
28.2 – Sir Matthew
28.3 – Presenter
28.4 – Voiceover

Hope this makes sense, let us know if you have any questions. As we have 35 sketch parts a LOT of files will be coming in, so your compliance will make for a happier Annie when it comes to editing time 🙂