Chorlton Players Not So Much A Drama Group.... More A Way Of Life
16-18 Jan 2020 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Jonathan King Goldilocks and the Three Bears photos Goldilocks and the Three Bears poster Goldilocks and the Three Bears programme
17-19 Oct 2019 Comic Potential Laura Kelly Comic Potential (2019) photos Comic Potential poster Comic Potential (2019) programme
15-17 Aug 2019 Lonely Birds and Shadow Figures Emma-Jane Brazier Lonely Birds and Shadow Figures photos Lonely Birds and Shadow People poster Lonely Birds and Shadow People programme
13-15 Jun 2019 Comedy Shorts Anthony Morgan and Jess Taylor Comedy Shorts photos Comedy Shorts poster Comedy Shorts programme
21-23 Mar 2019 Pick N Mix The Cast Pick N Mix photos Pick N Mix poster Pick N Mix programme
17-19 Jan 2019 Alice In Wonderland Anthony Morgan Alice In Wonderland (2019) photos Alice in Wonderland poster Alice In Wonderland programme
18-20 Oct 2018 The Haunting of Hill House Annie Wallace The Haunting of Hill House photos The Haunting of Hill House poster The Haunting of Hill House programme
16-18 Aug 2018 The Pillowman Anthony Morgan The Pillowman photos The Pillowman poster The Pillowman programme
14-16 Jun 2018 The Great British Hotpot The Cast The Great British Hotpot photos The Great British Hotpot poster The Great British Hotpot programme
15-17 Mar 2018 A Taste of Honey Jonathan King A Taste Of Honey photos A Taste of Honey poster A Taste of Honey programme
18-20 Jan 2018 Beauty and the Beast Jennifer Archer Beauty and the Beast photos Beauty and the Beast poster Beauty and the Beast programme
19-21 Oct 2017 Breezeblock Park Emma-Jane Brazier Breezeblock Park photos Breezeblock Park poster Breezeblock Park programme
17-19 Aug 2017 Arcadia Charles De Santis Arcadia photos Arcadia poster arcadia-programme
15-17 Jun 2017 Live Free or Die Laughing The Cast Live Free or Die Laughing photos Live Free or Die Laughing poster Live Free or Die Laughing programme
16-18 Mar 2017 Yerma Jonathan King Yerma photos Yerma poster Yerma programme
12-14 Jan 2017 Aladdin Suzanne Clare Aladdin (2017) photos Aladdin poster Aladdin programme
19-21 Oct 2016 Cash On Delivery Emma-Jane Brazier Cash On Delivery photos Cash On Delivery poster Cash On Delivery programme
18-20 Aug 2016 The Imaginary Invalid Anthony Morgan The Imaginary Invalid photos The Imaginary Invalid poster The Imaginary Invalid programme
16-18 Jun 2016 Kenneth Branflakes' Incomplete Works of Shakespeare The Cast Kenneth Branflakes photos Kenneth Branflakes poster Kenneth Branflakes programme
17-19 Mar 2016 Glengarry Glen Ross Barry Pritchard Glengarry Glen Ross photos Glengarry Glen Ross poster Glengarry Glen Ross programme
14-16 Jan 2016 Peter Rabbit and the Bees Brian Candeland Peter Rabbit and the Bees photos Peter Rabbit poster Peter Rabbit and the Bees programme
22-24 Oct 2015 Mort Rohan Shenoy Mort photos Mort poster Mort programme
20-22 Aug 2015 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Simon Parkin Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf photos Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf poster Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf programme
11-13 Jun 2015 The Foul Players The Cast The Foul Players photos The Foul Players poster The Foul Players programme
26-28 Mar 2015 The Bacchae Maili Lavin The Bacchae photos The Bacchae poster The Bacchae programme
15-17 Jan 2015 Red Riding Hood Jonathan King Red Riding Hood photos Red Riding Hood poster Red Riding Hood programme
23-25 Oct 2014 The Ghost Train Annie Wallace The Ghost Train photos The Ghost Train poster The Ghost Train programme
14-16 Aug 2014 Horrible Hotpot The Cast Horrible Hotpot photos Horrible Hotpot poster Horrible Hotpot programme
12-14 Jun 2014 Design for Living Barry Pritchard Design For Living photos Design For Living poster Design for Living programme
20-22 Mar 2014 A Streetcar Named Desire Laura Kelly A Streetcar Named Desire photos A Streetcar Named Desire poster A Streetcar Named Desire programme
16-18 Jan 2014 The Wizard of Oz Jonathan King The Wizard of Oz photos The Wizard of Oz poster The Wizard of Oz programme
17-19 Oct 2013 Frankenstein Jennifer Archer Frankenstein photos Frankenstein poster Frankenstein programme
15-17 Aug 2013 After Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound Valiant Lynch-Mathew & Charles De Santis After Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound photos After Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound poster After Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound programme
6-8 Jun 2013 The Sketch Show The Cast The Sketch Show photos The Sketch Show poster The Sketch Show programme
21-23 Mar 2013 As You Like It Jonathan King As You Like It photos As You Like It poster As You Like It programme
17-19 Jan 2013 Dick Whittington Barry Pritchard Dick Whittington photos Dick Whittington poster Dick Whittington programme
18-20 Oct 2012 Dracula Mick Bowden Dracula photos Dracula poster Dracula programme
16-18 Aug 2012 Love on the Dole Annie Wallace Love on The Dole photos Love On The Dole poster Love On The Dole programme
31 May-2 Jun 2012 Homegrown Hotpot The Cast Homegrown Hotpot photos Homegrown Hotpot poster
22-24 Mar 2012 An Ideal Husband Jonathan King An Ideal Husband photos An Ideal Husband poster
12-14 Jan 2012 A Christmas Carol Jean Hall A Christmas Carol photos A Christmas Carol poster A Christmas Carol programme
20-22 Oct 2011 Romeo and Juliet Barry Pritchard Romeo and Juliet photos  Romeo and Juliet poster Romeo and Juliet programme
18-20 Aug 2011 Hay Fever Victoria Searle Hay Fever photos Hay Fever poster
26-28 May 2011 Dead Fishy Anthony Morgan Dead Fishy photos Dead Fishy poster
31 Mar-2 Apr 2011 1984 Michael Bowden 1984 photos 1984 poster 1984 programme
20-22 Jan 2011 Sleeping Beauty Jonathan King and Anthony Morgan Sleeping Beauty photos Sleeping Beauty poster Sleeping Beauty programme
21-23 Oct 2010 London Suite Annie Wallace London Suite photos London Suite poster
12-14 Aug 2010 Wyrd Sisters Rohan Shenoy Wyrd Sisters photos Wyrd Sisters poster Wyrd Sisters programme
3-5 Jun 2010 Pimp My Hotpot The Cast Pimp My Hotpot photos Pimp My Hotpot poster Pimp My Hotpot programme
25-27 Mar 2010 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Jonathan King One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest photos One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest poster One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest programme
21-23 Jan 2010 Knight Fever Simon Butler Knight Fever photos Knight Fever poster Knight Fever programme
15-17 Oct 2009 The Graduate Barry Pritchard The Graduate photos The Graduate poster The Graduate programme
20-22 Aug 2009 The Lady from Maxim's Anthony Morgan The Lady From Maxims photos The Lady From Maxims poster The Lady from Maxims programme
11-13 Jun 2009 Hotpot at Cafe Rene The Cast Hotpot at Cafe Rene photos Hotpot at Cafe Rene poster Hotpot at Cafe Reneprogramme
26-28 Mar 2009 A Midsummer Night's Dream Heidi Knight A Midsummer Nights Dream photos A Midsummer Nights Dream poster A Midsummer Nights Dream programme
22-24 Jan 2009 Robin Hood Graham Phythian Robin Hood photos Robin Hood poster Robin Hood programme
23-25 Oct 2008 Live Like Pigs Annie Wallace Live Like Pigs photos Live Like Pigs poster Live Like Pigs programme
12-14 Jun 2008 Gag Reflex The Cast Gag Reflex photos Gag Reflex poster Gag Reflex programme
3-5 Apr 2008 Abigail's Party Dennis Keighron Abigails Party photos Abigails Party poster Abigail's Party programme
17-19 Jan 2008 The Gingerbread Man Lara Daintree The Gingerbread Man photos The Gingerbread Man poster
25-27 Oct 2007 While The Lights Were Out Michael Clark While the Lights Were Out photos While the Lights Were Out poster
14-16 Jun 2007 I Can't Believe It's Not Hotpot The Cast I Cant Believe Its Not Hotpot photos I Cant Believe Its Not Hotpot poster I Can't Believe It's Not Hotpot programme
29-31 Mar 2007 Play It Again Sam Michael Bowden Play It Again Sam photos Play It Again Sam poster Play It Again Sam programme
18-20 Jan 2007 Aladdin Heidi Knight and Becky Day Aladdin (2007) photos Aladdin (2007) poster
29 Jun-1 Jul 2006 Party Piece Nigel Penn and Lara Daintree Party Piece photos Party Piece poster
23-25 Mar 2006 Season's Greetings Annie Wallace Seasons Greetings photos Seasons Greetings poster
26-28 Jan 2006 Puss in Boots Heidi Knight and Becky Day Puss In Boots photos Puss In Boots poster
17-19 Nov 2005 Insignificance Michael Bowden Insignificance photos Insignificance poster
22-24 Sep 2005 73 Varieties The Cast 73 Varieties photos 73 Varieties poster 73 Varieties programme
26-28 May 2005 Comic Potential Annie Wallace Comic Potential (2005) photos Comic Potential (2005) poster
17-19 Mar 2005 Private Lives Barry Pritchard Private Lives poster
27-29 Jan 2005 Sinbad the Sailor James Laidler and Lise Hubble Sinbad The Sailor photos Sinbad the Sailor poster
11-13 Nov 2004 Some Like It Hotpot The Cast Some Like It Hotpot poster
27-29 May 2004 Beside the Sea James Ash Beside The Sea poster
25-27 Mar 2004 Pygmalion Michael Clark Pygmalion photos Pygmalion poster
29-31 Jan 2004 Cinderella Nigel Penn Cinderella photos Cinderella poster
27-29 Nov 2003 Lady Windermere's Fan Jenny Crompton Lady Windermeres Fan poster
25-27 Sep 2003 Hotpot at the Frog and Peach The Cast Hotpot At The Frog And Peach photos Hotpot at the Frog and Peach poster Hotpot at the Frog and Peach <br />
29-31 May 2003 Bedroom Farce Andy O'Brien Bedroom Farce photos Bedroom Farce poster
30 Jan-1 Feb 2003 Alice in Wonderland Nigel Penn Alice In Wonderland (2003) photos Alive In Wonderland (2003) poster
31 Oct-2 Nov 2002 Our Country's Good Adam Roche Our Countrys Good poster
26-28 Sep 2002 Death By Hotpot The Cast Death By Hotpot poster
9-11 May 2002 Charley's Aunt Michael Clark Charleys Aunt photos Charley's Aunt poster Charley's Aunt programme
28 -30 March 2002 Dancing at Lughnasa Annie Wallace Dancing At Lughnasa photos Dancing At Lughnasa poster Dancing At Lughnasa programme
31 Jan-2 Feb 2002 Robinson Crusoe Cheryl Tabner Robinson Crusoe photos Robinson Crusoe poster robinson-crusoe- programme
2-3 Nov 2001 Chorlton-cum-Hardigras (cancelled) Chorlton-cum-Hardigras poster
31 May-2 Jun 2001 Stags and Hens Jenny Crompton Stags and Hens photos Stags and Hens poster
22-24 March 2001 Cracks Adam Roche Cracks photos Cracks poster
25-27 Jan 2001 King Arthur Cheryl Tabner King Arthur photos King Arthur poster
26-28 Oct 2000 Confusions Annie Wallace Confusions poster
25-27 May 2000 Trivial Pursuits Michael Clark Trivial Pursuits photos Trivial Pursuits poster
17-18 Mar 2000 Chorlton Millennium City The Cast Chorlton Millennium City poster Chorlton Millennium City <br />