9th - 11th June 2022The ArsonistsValiant Lynch-MathewThe Arsonists photosThe Arsonists posterThe Arsonists programme
31 Mar - 2nd Apr 2022Twelfth NightCharlie De SantisTwelfth Night photosTwelfth Night posterTwelfth Night programme
20-22 Jan 2022Cinderella In SpaceAnthony MorganCinderella In Space photosCinderella In Space posterCinderella In Space <br />
21-23 Oct 2021TwoJean HallTwo photos Two posterTwo programme
21 Dec 2020Carry On ChorltonThe Cast
24 Aug 2020Chorlton Players Live (-ish!)The Cast
16-18 Jan 2020Goldilocks and the Three BearsJonathan KingGoldilocks and the Three Bears photosGoldilocks and the Three Bears posterGoldilocks and the Three Bears programme
17-19 Oct 2019Comic PotentialLaura KellyComic Potential (2019) photosComic Potential posterComic Potential (2019) programme
15-17 Aug 2019Lonely Birds and Shadow FiguresEmma-Jane BrazierLonely Birds and Shadow Figures photosLonely Birds and Shadow People posterLonely Birds and Shadow People programme
13-15 Jun 2019Comedy ShortsAnthony Morgan and Jess TaylorComedy Shorts photosComedy Shorts posterComedy Shorts programme
21-23 Mar 2019Pick N MixThe CastPick N Mix photosPick N Mix posterPick N Mix programme
17-19 Jan 2019Alice In WonderlandAnthony MorganAlice In Wonderland (2019) photosAlice in Wonderland posterAlice In Wonderland programme
18-20 Oct 2018The Haunting of Hill HouseAnnie WallaceThe Haunting of Hill House photosThe Haunting of Hill House posterThe Haunting of Hill House programme
16-18 Aug 2018The PillowmanAnthony MorganThe Pillowman photosThe Pillowman posterThe Pillowman programme
14-16 Jun 2018The Great British HotpotThe CastThe Great British Hotpot photosThe Great British Hotpot posterThe Great British Hotpot programme
15-17 Mar 2018A Taste of HoneyJonathan KingA Taste Of Honey photosA Taste of Honey posterA Taste of Honey programme
18-20 Jan 2018Beauty and the BeastJennifer ArcherBeauty and the Beast photosBeauty and the Beast posterBeauty and the Beast programme
19-21 Oct 2017Breezeblock ParkEmma-Jane BrazierBreezeblock Park photosBreezeblock Park posterBreezeblock Park programme
17-19 Aug 2017ArcadiaCharles De SantisArcadia photosArcadia posterarcadia-programme
15-17 Jun 2017Live Free or Die LaughingThe CastLive Free or Die Laughing photosLive Free or Die Laughing posterLive Free or Die Laughing programme
16-18 Mar 2017YermaJonathan KingYerma photosYerma posterYerma programme
12-14 Jan 2017AladdinSuzanne ClareAladdin (2017) photosAladdin posterAladdin programme
19-21 Oct 2016Cash On DeliveryEmma-Jane BrazierCash On Delivery photosCash On Delivery posterCash On Delivery programme
18-20 Aug 2016The Imaginary InvalidAnthony MorganThe Imaginary Invalid photosThe Imaginary Invalid posterThe Imaginary Invalid programme
16-18 Jun 2016Kenneth Branflakes' Incomplete Works of ShakespeareThe CastKenneth Branflakes photosKenneth Branflakes posterKenneth Branflakes programme
17-19 Mar 2016Glengarry Glen RossBarry PritchardGlengarry Glen Ross photosGlengarry Glen Ross posterGlengarry Glen Ross programme
14-16 Jan 2016Peter Rabbit and the BeesBrian CandelandPeter Rabbit and the Bees photosPeter Rabbit posterPeter Rabbit and the Bees programme
22-24 Oct 2015MortRohan ShenoyMort photosMort posterMort programme
20-22 Aug 2015Who's Afraid of Virginia WoolfSimon ParkinWhos Afraid of Virginia Woolf photosWhos Afraid of Virginia Woolf posterWhos Afraid of Virginia Woolf programme
11-13 Jun 2015The Foul PlayersThe CastThe Foul Players photosThe Foul Players posterThe Foul Players programme
26-28 Mar 2015The BacchaeMaili LavinThe Bacchae photosThe Bacchae posterThe Bacchae programme
15-17 Jan 2015Red Riding HoodJonathan KingRed Riding Hood photosRed Riding Hood posterRed Riding Hood programme
23-25 Oct 2014The Ghost TrainAnnie WallaceThe Ghost Train photosThe Ghost Train posterThe Ghost Train programme
14-16 Aug 2014Horrible HotpotThe CastHorrible Hotpot photosHorrible Hotpot posterHorrible Hotpot programme
12-14 Jun 2014Design for LivingBarry PritchardDesign For Living photosDesign For Living posterDesign for Living programme
20-22 Mar 2014A Streetcar Named DesireLaura KellyA Streetcar Named Desire photosA Streetcar Named Desire posterA Streetcar Named Desire programme
16-18 Jan 2014The Wizard of OzJonathan KingThe Wizard of Oz photosThe Wizard of Oz posterThe Wizard of Oz programme
17-19 Oct 2013FrankensteinJennifer ArcherFrankenstein photosFrankenstein posterFrankenstein programme
15-17 Aug 2013After Magritte and The Real Inspector HoundValiant Lynch-Mathew & Charles De SantisAfter Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound photosAfter Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound posterAfter Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound programme
6-8 Jun 2013The Sketch ShowThe CastThe Sketch Show photosThe Sketch Show posterThe Sketch Show programme
21-23 Mar 2013As You Like ItJonathan KingAs You Like It photosAs You Like It posterAs You Like It programme
17-19 Jan 2013Dick WhittingtonBarry PritchardDick Whittington photosDick Whittington posterDick Whittington programme
18-20 Oct 2012DraculaMick BowdenDracula photosDracula posterDracula programme
16-18 Aug 2012Love on the DoleAnnie WallaceLove on The Dole photosLove On The Dole posterLove On The Dole programme
31 May-2 Jun 2012Homegrown HotpotThe CastHomegrown Hotpot photosHomegrown Hotpot poster
22-24 Mar 2012An Ideal HusbandJonathan KingAn Ideal Husband photosAn Ideal Husband poster
12-14 Jan 2012A Christmas CarolJean HallA Christmas Carol photosA Christmas Carol posterA Christmas Carol programme
20-22 Oct 2011Romeo and JulietBarry PritchardRomeo and Juliet photos Romeo and Juliet posterRomeo and Juliet programme
18-20 Aug 2011Hay FeverVictoria SearleHay Fever photosHay Fever poster
26-28 May 2011Dead FishyAnthony MorganDead Fishy photosDead Fishy poster
31 Mar-2 Apr 20111984Michael Bowden1984 photos1984 poster1984 programme
20-22 Jan 2011Sleeping BeautyJonathan King and Anthony MorganSleeping Beauty photosSleeping Beauty posterSleeping Beauty programme
21-23 Oct 2010London SuiteAnnie WallaceLondon Suite photosLondon Suite poster
12-14 Aug 2010Wyrd SistersRohan ShenoyWyrd Sisters photosWyrd Sisters posterWyrd Sisters programme
3-5 Jun 2010Pimp My HotpotThe CastPimp My Hotpot photosPimp My Hotpot posterPimp My Hotpot programme
25-27 Mar 2010One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestJonathan KingOne Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest photosOne Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest posterOne Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest programme
21-23 Jan 2010Knight FeverSimon ButlerKnight Fever photosKnight Fever posterKnight Fever programme
15-17 Oct 2009The GraduateBarry PritchardThe Graduate photosThe Graduate posterThe Graduate programme
20-22 Aug 2009The Lady from Maxim'sAnthony MorganThe Lady From Maxims photosThe Lady From Maxims posterThe Lady from Maxims programme
11-13 Jun 2009Hotpot at Cafe ReneThe CastHotpot at Cafe Rene photosHotpot at Cafe Rene posterHotpot at Cafe Reneprogramme
26-28 Mar 2009A Midsummer Night's DreamHeidi KnightA Midsummer Nights Dream photosA Midsummer Nights Dream posterA Midsummer Nights Dream programme
22-24 Jan 2009Robin HoodGraham PhythianRobin Hood photos Robin Hood posterRobin Hood programme
23-25 Oct 2008Live Like PigsAnnie WallaceLive Like Pigs photos Live Like Pigs posterLive Like Pigs programme
12-14 Jun 2008Gag ReflexThe CastGag Reflex photos Gag Reflex posterGag Reflex programme
3-5 Apr 2008Abigail's PartyDennis KeighronAbigails Party photos Abigails Party posterAbigail's Party programme
17-19 Jan 2008The Gingerbread ManLara DaintreeThe Gingerbread Man photos The Gingerbread Man poster
25-27 Oct 2007While The Lights Were OutMichael ClarkWhile the Lights Were Out photos While the Lights Were Out poster
14-16 Jun 2007I Can't Believe It's Not HotpotThe CastI Cant Believe Its Not Hotpot photos I Cant Believe Its Not Hotpot posterI Can't Believe It's Not Hotpot programme
29-31 Mar 2007Play It Again SamMichael BowdenPlay It Again Sam photos Play It Again Sam posterPlay It Again Sam programme
18-20 Jan 2007AladdinHeidi Knight and Becky DayAladdin (2007) photos Aladdin (2007) poster
29 Jun-1 Jul 2006Party PieceNigel Penn and Lara DaintreeParty Piece photos Party Piece poster
23-25 Mar 2006Season's GreetingsAnnie WallaceSeasons Greetings photos Seasons Greetings poster
26-28 Jan 2006Puss in BootsHeidi Knight and Becky DayPuss In Boots photos Puss In Boots poster
17-19 Nov 2005InsignificanceMichael BowdenInsignificance photos Insignificance poster
22-24 Sep 200573 VarietiesThe Cast73 Varieties photos 73 Varieties poster73 Varieties programme
26-28 May 2005Comic PotentialAnnie WallaceComic Potential (2005) photos Comic Potential (2005) poster
17-19 Mar 2005Private LivesBarry Pritchard Private Lives poster
27-29 Jan 2005Sinbad the SailorJames Laidler and Lise HubbleSinbad The Sailor photosSinbad the Sailor poster
11-13 Nov 2004Some Like It HotpotThe CastSome Like It Hotpot poster
27-29 May 2004Beside the SeaJames AshBeside The Sea poster
25-27 Mar 2004PygmalionMichael ClarkPygmalion photos Pygmalion poster
29-31 Jan 2004CinderellaNigel PennCinderella photos Cinderella poster
27-29 Nov 2003Lady Windermere's FanJenny CromptonLady Windermeres Fan poster
25-27 Sep 2003Hotpot at the Frog and PeachThe CastHotpot At The Frog And Peach photos Hotpot at the Frog and Peach posterHotpot at the Frog and Peach <br />
29-31 May 2003Bedroom FarceAndy O'BrienBedroom Farce photos Bedroom Farce poster
30 Jan-1 Feb 2003Alice in WonderlandNigel PennAlice In Wonderland (2003) photos Alive In Wonderland (2003) poster
31 Oct-2 Nov 2002Our Country's GoodAdam RocheOur Countrys Good poster
26-28 Sep 2002Death By HotpotThe CastDeath By Hotpot poster
9-11 May 2002Charley's AuntMichael ClarkCharleys Aunt photos Charley's Aunt posterCharley's Aunt programme
28 -30 March 2002Dancing at LughnasaAnnie WallaceDancing At Lughnasa photos Dancing At Lughnasa posterDancing At Lughnasa programme
31 Jan-2 Feb 2002Robinson CrusoeCheryl TabnerRobinson Crusoe photos Robinson Crusoe posterrobinson-crusoe- programme
2-3 Nov 2001Chorlton-cum-Hardigras (cancelled)Chorlton-cum-Hardigras poster
31 May-2 Jun 2001Stags and HensJenny CromptonStags and Hens photos Stags and Hens poster
22-24 March 2001CracksAdam RocheCracks photos Cracks poster
25-27 Jan 2001King ArthurCheryl TabnerKing Arthur photos King Arthur poster
26-28 Oct 2000ConfusionsAnnie WallaceConfusions poster
25-27 May 2000Trivial PursuitsMichael ClarkTrivial Pursuits photosTrivial Pursuits poster